About Minhaj Ul Islam

The man you are seeing in the picture is that not-so-handsome Minhaj! That’s right, it’s Minhaj Ul Islam man behind the networthdirectory team.

I research and rummage the internet and newspapers to figure out potential people and celebs to write about their net assets.

My Background

Currently, I’m studying engineering at the Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX). However, honestly, I don’t like engineering. From the very early year of my university, I found my passion around entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, and management. From then on I’ve started different small businesses and found significant success.

Good, but why Networthdirectoy?

From my early childhood, I was so much curious about Networth and the assets of successful people. I was curious about models and celebs as well

One day I was searching for the net worth of a celebrity I like, but I couldn’t find anything about him. After rigorous research, I came up with a rough estimation of his net worth.

You can say from that moment I decided to start my own publication and in two days networthdirectory born.

The publication

Networthdirectory is not a blog- rather a meg publication. So, in near future we have a plan to directly collaborate with celebrities and famous people to bring up their insider stories.

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