George Regan Net Worth (2024): How Rich Is The PR Maven?

George Regan is the founder and CEO of a giant public relations firm, Regan Communication Group. In this blog post, you will get to know his net worth, sources of income, biography, facts, career, and much more.

I was compiling a list of the top PR firms in the country and came up with the company and its founder. While researching, I came across the interesting story of the founder. I delved into his biography, and here I will share what I came up with!

So, what’s the net worth of George Regan? Our calculation estimates the net worth of George Regan estimate his net worth to be a whopping $50 million. His sources of income include the profit from his main business Regan Communication Group, Coastal Angler Magazine, investment, and other business ventures.

Let’s get into it!

Full name George K Regan Jr.
Gender Male
Net worth $50 million
Source of wealth  
Profession Businessman
Age 72
Nationality American
Last Update 2023

The net worth of George Regan

What is the net worth of George Regan? (Income sources) 

According to our calculations, our team estimates Goerge Regan’s net worth to be $50 million.


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He started out his career at the age of 17 as a reporter for the Boston Globe.

Then he worked as a press secretary for over a decade under the administration of Boston Mayor Kevin White. Eventually, he became director of communications. 

Later, he founded his own PR company, Regan Communication Group, in 1984. Currently, he is the chairman and CEO of the company.

George Regan has a significant reputation in the field of public relations and has been involved in numerous high-profile campaigns and initiatives throughout his career.

 Mr. Regan’s expertise basically lies in managing public relations crises, strategic communications planning, media relations, and brand management.

How big is Regan Communications Group?

Regan Communication Group is the largest PR firm in Boston. It is the 9th largest privately held strategic communications firm in the United States.

What does Regan Communication Group do? The company specializes in providing strategic communication services to clients from various industries, including the corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Income Sources

The lion’s share of George Regan’s income comes from his main business, Regan Communication Group. It is mainly a PR firm that generates almost 10–15 million USD in revenue per year.

Apart from Regan Communication Group, he expanded his business beyond PR. He ventured with others into different partnerships and businesses.

He also owns Coastal Angler Magazine.

In essence, our analysis suggests Goerge Regan’s net worth is significantly contributed by these businesses and ventures.

How does he spend his money?

He spends a lot of his money on his health issues. He also spends money on philanthropic activities, like sending money to charity. For instance, he aided to-

  • Boston Police Foundation
  • The American Liver Foundation
  • Carroll Center for the Blind
  • Boys & Girls Club of Cape Cod
  • Urban College of Boston
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Anti-defamation League

And the list goes on!

Doesn’t he spend money on other areas of life? 

Hell yea!

In fact, Regan spent almost millions on his marriage. So, it goes without saying that he leads an extravagant lifestyle.

George Regan Key Facts

  1. Named one of the 100 most influential Bostonians.
  2. He got married at the age of 70.
  3. Not active on social media.
  4. He is also known as “The King of Spin”.
  5. George Regan’s wife Elizabeth Akeley is a flight attendant.

George Regan’s Biography

In this section, I will share his complete biography, including his early life, accomplishments, personal life, educational background, and hobbies.

Let’s start.

Real Name George K Regan Jr.
Nick Name George Regan
Gender Male
Age 72
Birth date August 24, 1951
Birthplace Quincy, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Height 5′ 7″
Weight 75 kg
Family Father: George K. Regan Sr.
Mother: Ann Theresa Kowalski Regan (AKA first lady of Boston PR)
Girlfriend Elizabeth Akeley
Spouse Elizabeth Akeley
Children(s) None

George Regan’s Biography

Early Life

George Regan was born in 1951 in Quincy, MA. As a child, he was raised along with his sister somewhere nearby in Quincy, which is also close to Boston.

Personal Life: Marriage and Love Story

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George Regan’s dating history has never been made public. Maybe he kept it private. However, he never married until he finally got hitched to Elizabeth Akeley at 70.

Their date and marriage story were quite fascinating. 

Here is how it all started:

In the summer of 2020, Mr. Regan and Ms. Akeley’s love was in the air. They hosted an intimate outdoor gathering at Mr. Regan’s summer house. 

Friends and family celebrated with them, and Mr. Regan couldn’t contain his happiness. People whispered that something special was happening. 

And, finally, they engaged and married in 2021.


His educational background is unclear. However, different sources suggest that he might have earned a diploma from the University of Massachusetts.

Professional achievement

  • Listed as 100 most influential people in Boston Magazine.
  • Founded many successful businesses including Regan Communication Group and Coastal Angler Magazine.


George Regan’s hobbies are-

  1. Boating
  2. Flying
  3. Reading newspaper

George Regan Boston’s age

So, how old is George Regan Jr.? As of 2024, the PR specialist will be 72 years old. He was born on August 24, 1951.

George Regan’s Wife

George Regan married at 70. That’s a bit of a hyped-up topic that many people are curious about! 

Let’s learn more about his wedding.

George Regan wedding

wedding of George Regan

At 70, Regan married a woman named Elizabeth Akeley. What? Was George Regan married before? Nope! He had never been married before.

You may be wondering how old George Regan’s wife is, right? Well, she is 27 years older than him and will be 45 years old as of 2024.

The story was interesting. Even Geroge Regan didn’t know that Elizabeth Akeley would accept his marriage proposal, which he made on August 19, 2021.

Coming to the wedding. The wedding was celebrated with fanfare. Around 400 people attended the ceremony, which was held at Nauticus Marina. Many famous people attended the event, including Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker and former NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.

The couple received many expensive gifts from these high-profile guests. For example, Boston billionaire Noubar Afeyan gifted his own tugboat as a wedding gift.


Who founded Regan Communications Group?

George Regan is the founder of the Regan Communication Group.

What service does Regan Communication Group offer?

Regan Communication Group’s signature service is a press release and crisis management. In a nutshell, their main service is strategic communication.

Who is George Regan of Boston?

George Regan is the founder and CEO of Regan Communication Group, based in Boston.

Was George Regan ever married?

No. George Regan had never married before until he married at 70. He attempted to marry before, but they were all called off later.

Who are George Regan and Elizabeth Akeley?

George Regan is the founder and CEO of Regan Communication Group, and Elizabeth Akeley is his wife. She is a flight attendant.

Who did George Regan marry?

George Regan married Elizabeth Akeley.

When Goerge Regan first met with Elizabeth Akeley?

George Regan first met with Elizabeth Aketley on March 19, 2020.

How old are George Regan and Elizabeth Akeley?

As of 2024, George Regan is 72 years old, and his wife, Elizabeth Akeley, is 45.

Summary: George Regan’s Net Worth

George K. Regan’s net worth is estimated to be well around $50 million USD. His main sources of income include his PR firm business, magazine business, and other investment portfolios.

From starting his career as a reporter to becoming one of the most influential individuals in Boston, George Regan’s journey has been remarkable.

Is there anything we missed about him? Feel free to comment!