Top Hollywood Business Manager David Bolno On the Importance of Giving Back

Hollywood seems like a glamorous place where everyone is rich and famous. And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that’s part of the appeal for a lot of people who want to make it big there. But what I think is really cool is that many people in Hollywood also realize it’s important to give back to others too.

The agents and managers of celebrities do more than just handle their money and contracts. They also encourage the people they work with to support good causes through donations and charity work.

So, Why Business Managers Are Important?

Why Business Managers Are Important

The entertainment industry can be quite confusing with all the legal stuff and money involved, plus your fame can rise and fall pretty quickly. That’s where having a good agent/manager comes in – they help keep things steady and guide you in the right direction.

It’s not just about handling your cash, they do all kinds of things for you. They’ll look over contracts to make sure they’re fair, plan out your finances for the future, deal with the press, and help land deals that fit with your long-term career goals.

They also act as a buffer from all the crazy demands that come with being so famous. A lot of times they’re the ones making your success happen behind the scenes, letting you focus on your art and not stress so much.

A prominent figure who has achieved great success in this field is David Bolno. He has collaborated with many renowned names in music, such as Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and

Bolno believes giving back to others is important for being successful personally and in your career. He thinks helping people has benefits for both the recipient and the giver. Bolno’s charitable efforts aren’t just about donating money – he also likes to mentor, volunteer, and help communities grow.

Key Benefits of Giving Back to High-Profile Clients

Key Benefits of Giving Back to High-Profile Clients

Doing charity makes people like them more and see them as caring, which is good for fans, as they will get more of them, as well as for new opportunities that will occur due to continual high popularity. It can change how the public views them beyond their roles in the music or movie industries.

There is another serious advantage I have to mention, the tax benefits. And while some people might claim that this is the only reason for celebrities to donate money, we should look at this only as a bonus for them for being so generous.

Also, sharing an instance of their wealth is not the only way famous people are supporting the community, You know, we can see a lot of popular movie stars, singers, and athletes who are trying to highlight a certain topic and make things better.

Some of them will choose this on their own, while some could come to such a decision with the advice of their managers, which is exactly what David Bolno was talking about.

The Importance of Mentorship

Norma Garcia is a great example of how being mentored can help someone in their career. Early on, she had some important mentors that influenced her. Sherry Lansing, who used to run Paramount Pictures, was one mentor who left a big impact on Norma—Lansing’s advice on leadership and how she carried herself at events shaped how Norma approaches her job.

Norma also got guidance from JoAnne Griffith, who was vice president of human resources at Paramount. Griffith mentored Norma on people skills in a business setting.

This inspired Norma to become a mentor herself, especially focusing on empowering women at work and helping newbies carve their own path in Hollywood.

The Impact of Social Responsibility in the Entertainment Industry

The Impact of Social Responsibility in the Entertainment Industry

A lot of people would indeed appreciate the efforts from clubs that are sharing parts of their wealth or spending time while educating and mentoring, but the actual power lies in the popularity. They can affect the large masses and even implement or change certain narratives. This is a trend followed by the biggest names in the industry, the studios.

Warner Bros. does a lot to support its local communities. One thing they do is partner with schools through their Warner Bros. Impact project. They help schools improve their arts and creative programs. This not only trains up new talent but also builds good relationships between the studio and the neighborhood.

The most recent campaign by Disney is focused on protecting wildlife. Their Disney Conservation Fund throws money behind saving animals and their habitats all over the globe.

A big project they did was trying to turn things around for species that were declining. They used research, community involvement, and education to help animals in trouble. It shows Disney takes the environment seriously.

ViacomCBS supports important social issues through their work. They’ve teamed up with civil rights groups on ads and campaigns about racial injustice and inequality. These efforts are part of the bigger conversation in society and put ViacomCBS at the front of driving change in the industry when it comes to advocating for social causes.

Celebs are supporting these efforts by taking part in these campaigns, or by starting their own. The best examples are Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey.

Di Caprio is active for quite a long time. Through his foundation that he started back in 1998, he’s put a lot of money and effort into protecting nature all over the world. His organization focuses on things like climate change, saving different animals and plants, taking care of oceans and forests, and protecting indigenous people’s land.

Oprah Winfrey has a long history of helping others through her charity work, especially when it comes to things like education, kids’ well-being, and empowering people. Through her foundations, she’s donated millions over the years to educational causes.

The Bottom Line

The best part is that there are actual benefits for celebs to be active in charity work. And everyone are gaining with that, they will keep their fame, while a lot of people in need will get the precious help, not to mention the efforts to save the planet, where public faces are holding a key role at the moment with their promotions of renewables and sustainable way of life.