Jennifer Connelly Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Actress?

Jennifer Connelly is a famous Ameican Actress. Connelly is a versatile actress and film star that has been making waves since the early 90s. Her work in films like A Beautiful Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Dark City, blood diamond, battle angel, and many more has ensured her status as not just an A-list Hollywood but more.

Thus, curious fans cannot help but wonder about Jennifer Connelly’s net worth. So, what is the net worth of Jennifer Connelly? The net worth of Jennifer Connely is over 50 million Dollars. She accumulated such an amount of money through modeling, acting, and investment portfolio.

That’s not all, I have got a lot more to share about Jennifer Connelly’s net worth. You will surely be amazed by those facts as well. So, come along with me as I will share my net worth and all the facts about Jennifer Connelly!

Jennifer Connelly Net Worth: How has she become a multimillionaire?

Jennifer Connelly

So, you might be wondering what her source of earnings is. Well, most of her income came through acting, modeling, and endorsing luxury brands. A significant chunk of her money also comes from her investment. Significant parts of her investment portfolio are with her husband, Paul Bettany.

Jennifer Connelly’s net worth: Where did she invest?

Jennifer Connelly is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood and has invested in many different businesses, including-

  1. Fashion
  2. Real estate
  3. Restaurants
  4. and technology companies. 

Her investments have brought her millions over the years that contribute to her net worth.

Jennifer Connelly’s Biography


Full Name Jennifer Lynn Connelly
Birth date December 12, 1970
Birthplace Cairo, New York, United States
Age 51
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.69 m)
Profession Acting, Business
Spouse Paul Bettany
Net worth $50 million
Nationality United States of America
Jennifer Connelly’s Biography

Jennifer Connelly is an American actress, film director, and photographer. She has received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

She was born on April 21st in Cairo, New York City, to John Connelly and Phyllis Brooks Connelly. Her father was a former actor who became a photographer for the New York Times, and her mother was a casting agent for CBS. 

She is of Irish descent from both parents and has two siblings: brother John Brooks (born 1959), who is also an actor; sister Chris (born 1965). 

Connelly began her career as a model at age 14 after being discovered by the fashion designer Oleg Cassini while she was shopping in Rome with her mother. 

After moving to Paris, she began studying the French language at L’Institut d’études politiques de Paris. 

Early Life

Jennifer Connelly early life

Jennifer Connelly was born in Cairo, New York, on December 12, 1970.

Jennifer Connelly grew up to be an actress known for her roles in films such as Labyrinth, A Beautiful Mind, and Requiem for a Dream. She has also been nominated for an Academy Award three times in total, the second most nominations behind Meryl Streep.

Connelly had a very interesting childhood that included attending Professional Children’s School classes and spending time with her family on sets of their films.  

Jennifer Connelly’s Career Achievement Awards & Achievements

Jennifer Connelly has been nominated for two Academy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, and one BAFTA Award.

Her first movie was “Once upon a time in America“, and she started out her career as a model.

She began her career in the early 1980s with a role in the horror film “Creepshow”. She went on to have leading roles in films such as “A Beautiful Mind” (2001), “Requiem for a Dream” (2000), “The House of Sand and Fog” (2003), and “Dark Shadows” (2012).

Her films have grossed over $2.8 billion worldwide, with an average gross of $128 million per film.

Connelly appeared in numerous music videos, including those for Michael Jackson’s 1987 single Man in the Mirror.

Personal Life

Paul Bettany

Connelly attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan, where she was an active student leader. In 1988 she participated in the Young Artists Conference at Vassar College, where she met her future husband and fellow actor Paul Bettany (who would become famous for his role as Vision in Marvel films). 

Jennifer Connelly’s Husband

Jennifer Connelly is married to Paul Bettany. He has been an English actor for over thirty years. Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany were married in 2008 and have two children together – Agnes Lark and son Stellan, and raised Connelly’s son, Kai Dugan.

Jennifer Connelly’s Top 20 Movies

So, what are the top movies of Jennifer Connelly? Here is a list of 20 of her best-performed movies-

  1. Reservation road
  2. The hot spot
  3. Phenomena
  4. Requiem for a dream
  5. A beautiful mind
  6. Blood diamond
  7. Only the brave
  8. Dark City
  9. Little children
  10. Stuck in love
  11. Battle angle
  12. Labyrinth
  13. House of sand and fog
  14. The Dark Knight
  15. A Beautiful Mind
  16. Alice in Wonderland (2010 film)
  17. Labyrinth (1986 film)
  18. Labyrinth (2012 film)
  19. Ghost World
  20. Black Swan

Jennifer Connelly’s Top Gun 2: Maverick

Top Gun 2: Maverick is a movie that stars Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. The main character in the movie is Maverick, played by Tom Cruise. 

Jennifer Connelly plays his love interest. She is a very skilled pilot and was integral to the success of the US Navy’s Top Gun program. Jennifer Connelly plays the role of Penny in the movie Top Gun. She’s a former fighter pilot who became a civilian and is now an instructor at the naval flight training school.

 Jennifer Connelly was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in Top Gun 2.

Salary, Awards & Nominations

A big portion of Connelly’s net worth comes from her salary. With the rise of Jennifer’s fame in Hollywood, she also started to get higher salaries per movie. She usually charges 1-4 million dollars per movie.


Jennifer Connelly is a famous American actress and film producer. She has received an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two BAFTA Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Saturn Awards in recognition of her work in the film industry.


Jennifer Connelly has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globe Awards. She is also a recipient of the AFI Life Achievement Award.

Jennifer Connelly Instagram

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The actress is on Instagram and has an active  account. She has a following of 1.2M followers.


What Is Jennifer Connelly Known For?

Jennifer Connelly is an American actress and film producer.

Is Jennifer Connelly rich?

Jennifer Connelly is a rich actress. She has been in the movie industry for over three decades and is one of its most popular actresses.  

How much money does Jennifer Connelly make per year?

Jennifer Connelly earns $12 million per year.

In which movie did Connelly record an Oscar award?

In the movie Requiem for a Dream, Jennifer Connelly won an Oscar for best supporting actress.

Final Thoughts On Jennifer Connelly Net Worth

In this post, I shared everything about Jennifer Connelly’s net worth and sources of income. And, by far, I hope you got a clear idea of Jennifer Connelly’s net worth.

Besides, I also shared the biography of the actress Jennifer Connelly. Moreover, I discussed her early life, personal life, career, awards and achievement, and much more.