Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth: How Rich Is The Drug Lord?

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the lord of the drug also known as “El Padrino”, who has been ruling the drug trafficking era of Mexico has currently estimated a net worth of $1 Billion. The drug deals of his trending business made him more than $500 million. And had made a massive investment in different businesses that made him this rich. 

The story behind Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo net worth is worth enough to astonish anyone. 

Let’s talk about the breathtaking life journey of the Godfather of Drugs Miguel Angel. 

Full name Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo
Net worth $1 Billion
Gender Male
Age 77 years
Birth date January 8, 1946
Birthplace Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
Occupation Drug Lord
Spouse Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo, Maria Elvira Rafael Caro Quintero
Award N/A
Nationality Mexican

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

Miguel Angel started his career as a Police officer which was his first job and according to him, it was the cheapest salary he ever got.

But when he started working as a bodyguard of the Governor of Sinaloa his career started to see the light. 

Miguel used his power negatively to earn black money and introduced the Governor to the underworld.

And it was the turning point of his whole life when he started working with the popular marijuana smuggler Pedro Aviles. He started making huge amounts of black money and shifted to a Cocaine business of his own.

So, how much money did Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo make? With his own Cocaine smuggling business and investment into underground crimes he became a drug Lord with an estimated net worth of $1 Billion. 

Till now he has 50 houses and 200 ranches and his team has disclosed all the information about his earnings. His recent earnings are hard to determine.

Early Life and Biography

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth bio

Felix Gallardo is a Mexican national who was born in 1946 on January 8. This Godfather of Cocaine has turned 77 this year. 

Since he was always silent about his early life there is no exact source of information about his Parents. But he spent most of his life with his nephew Carlos Arrelano and grandnephew Fabian Arellano. 

Félix Gallardo’s net worth peak, we can see how breathtaking his journey was which made him a billionaire.

He started working as a police officer after he completed his education and ended up in a world full of crime, drugs black money, and became the lord of Cocaine trafficking.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s Wife and Personal Life

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth mafia

There is always controversy on- Did Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo has a wife? 

Then who is Miguel Felix Gallardo’s wife? According to his close ones, Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo has 3 wives. Miguel Angel Félix’s wife died of Leukemia. 

After the death of his first wife he married Maria Elvira who was his Partner for the longest time. 

They had two kids together Miguel Jr and Miguel Abril. Miguel never shared too much information about his 3rd wife and current partner.

Where Is Miguel Angel Félix Gallardo now?

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Net Worth arrest

Miguel was arrested by Guillermo Gonzalez in 1989 for drug smuggling, racketeering, violent crimes, and the murder of DEA agent Camarena

He was sentenced to forty years in prison and now he is in the Central Jail of Altiplano, Mexico with higher security. 

Though he was sentenced to 40 years in prison his case was a retrial and another 37 were added to his prison journey.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter

There is no definite source of Miguel’s social media account. He is not even active on any of his Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. 

A couple of accounts might be found that he claimed were fake earlier. He used to contact through his secret phone calls and emails which are private.


What led to the downfall of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo?

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s downfall was precipitated by his involvement in high-profile crimes, including drug trafficking and the murder of DEA agent Enrique Camarena. His arrest in 1989 marked the end of his reign as a drug lord.

Did Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo have any political connections that facilitated his drug trafficking operations?

 While the article does not specify, it is widely reported that Gallardo’s initial position as a bodyguard for the Governor of Sinaloa provided him with connections and insights into political structures, which he may have exploited to establish and expand his drug trafficking network.

What impact did Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo have on the drug trade in Mexico?

 Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is often credited with being one of the primary architects of modern drug trafficking in Mexico. He was instrumental in creating the first Mexican drug cartel and is known for pioneering routes into the United States.

Has Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s imprisonment affected the drug cartels in Mexico?

Gallardo’s imprisonment led to the fragmentation of the Guadalajara Cartel into smaller factions, which eventually became powerful cartels themselves, such as the Sinaloa and Tijuana cartels. This changed the landscape of organized crime in Mexico.

Are there any books or movies based on Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s life?

 Yes, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s life has inspired several books and he is portrayed in TV series such as “Narcos: Mexico,” which dramatizes the rise and fall of the Guadalajara Cartel.

What were the main sources of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s wealth?

The primary source of Gallardo’s wealth was his extensive involvement in drug trafficking, particularly cocaine. Additionally, he made significant investments in various businesses, which contributed to his billion-dollar net worth.

Parting Words

In conclusion, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo’s life story is a testament to the complex interplay between crime and power. His legacy continues to impact the structure of Mexican drug cartels and the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking.