Snow Tha Product Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper Actually?

Snow Tha Product, the famous American singer, rapper, YouTuber actress, and podcaster has an estimated net worth of 2.5 Million. 

This independent singer made a huge success with her solo projects and mixtape albums which made her a well-known face of America at a young age. 

Her collaboration with Bizarrap music session went viral in 2021 and made her a Millionaire soon. Also signing Atlantic Records was a big part of her career.

Full nameClaudia Alexandra Madriz Meza
Net worth$2.5M
Source of wealthSigning (rapper), Acting, Business, Podcasting 
Birth dateJune 24, 1987
BirthplaceSan Jose, California
SpouseAndrew Feliciano
About Snow The Product

Let’s see what else made her such a successful celebrity and what sources contributed to this worth.

Snow Tha Product Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

Snow Tha Product, the well-known American rapper started her career as a social worker. But soon she found out about her passion for rap music.

She first started her music career with some solo songs in Spanish. And there the Mexican artist and musician Jaime found her talent very unique and offered her a collaboration. 

snow the product's net worth

And their duet song “Alguien” was the first viral song of her career.

After that, she started getting offers and kept signing for many solo and mix albums and her net worth began to go on. 

Her most successful work was “Fotosintesis”, Verbal Assault In 2007, and released a couple of volumes of it. And in 2010 “Whatever it takes” was a sensation for rap lovers. 

The year 2012-2014 became a golden era for her as she released “Good nights and bad Mornings “. 

Snow’s own business “The Entertainment” and Woke clothing brand are still making her handsome money and now she has a net worth of $2.5 Million.

Snow Tha Product Key Facts

  • Snow dropped out of college for starting a music career.
  • She changed her name by taking inspiration from the Disney character Snow White. So what’s the real name of Snow The Product? It’s Claudia Alexandra Madriz Meza.
  • She claimed she had an early marriage at the age of 19.

Snow Tha Product’s Early Life and Biography

Claudia was born on 24 June 1987. As she is called, Mexican-American people get confused- What part of Mexico is Snow Tha Product parents from? Claudia’s father is from Mexico and her mother is an American. 

She was introduced to music by his Mexican father and later took it as a passion in her college days and gained immense success as a rap artist and ran her own business too. 

Snow Tha Product house is in California, and she bought a ranch after she broke up with her partner. She centralizes all her business works and studio works from there. 

Snow Tha Product Spouse and Personal Life

Snow Tha Product’s husband, Andrew Feliciano with whom she got married at the age of 19. 

Snow Tha Product’s baby’s father is her first husband but they got divorced after the birth. 

Snow Tha Product’s son is Andrew Jr who is now a 13 years old teen.

After the divorce, Claudia started dating Julisa Aponte and announced an engagement ceremony in 2019. But it’s said that they got separated during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Award And Achievement

This American artist has four compilation albums and one studio album and one EP album of her own. Currently, she is running her clothing brand, and business and owns a Studio.

In 2017 she got an MTV Music award and people wondered- is Snow Tha Product nominated for a Grammy?

Yes, she was nominated for Grammy Awards in 2021 for her BZRP music sessions. 

Snow Tha Product’s Social Profiles

Snow Tha Product has an Instagram account with 2.7 Million followers and 2.9 Million Facebook followers. Claudia aka Snow also has accounts on Twitter and Youtube.

And you can find all her latest information on her website snowthaproduct

Life lesson From Snow Tha Product 

It was a challenge to walk out from the traditional Mexican music culture and get involved with rap songs. 

She even dropped out of college just to practice rap Music. And this didn’t affect her career at all and she became the most popular rap music artist in Mexico as well as America. 

Her passion for rap music reminds us that sacrifices for your dream can bring you huge success one day.  


How much is a Snow Tha Product feature?

Snow Tha Product currently features about $25,000-$39,999. This amount is performances and tv shows. This amount can vary depending on whether she is performing or just appearing in a show. 

Is Snow Tha Product Latina?

Yes, Snow Tha Product is a Latina and she is a Mexican-American artist. Her father was born in Mexico and her Mother is from the U.S. 

How old is Snow Tha Product?

Claudia or Snow turned 35 this year. She was born in Mexico in 1987.

Wrapping Up: What’s Snow The Product Net Worth?

This popular female artist challenged the existing Latin culture and became a well-known rapper of today’s era. 

And now owns a handsome amount of net worth through her successful music and business career.