Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Infamous Immigrant?

From being a South American immigrant to a fighter against sexual assault, Lorena Bobbitt has seen all of it. Her wealth is estimated at around $500,000-600,000 while she’s doing advocacy currently at her own foundation.

Full nameLorena Bobbitt/ Lorena Leonor Gallo
Net worth$500,000-600,000
Age52 years old
Birth dateOctober 31, 1970
BirthplaceBucay, Ecuador
SpouseJohn Wayne Bobbitt
AwardCanadian Screen Award for Best Limited Series or Program
About Lorena Bobbitt

Lorena Bobbitt Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

Lorena Bobbit makes her living through non-profit activities. Her ‘Lorena Gallo Foundation’ founded in 2007 is a praiseworthy entity that works to enlighten the masses regarding domestic brutality, and gender issues. 

She has a great vision for preventing sexual assault in the long run through this foundation. It also engages the community and extends aid for emergency response. Working as an advocate in this foundation let her earn a good amount of money.

Lorena Bobbitt Key Facts

Early Life and Bio

Going back to her early life, Lorena Bobbitt was born in Bucay, Ecuador. Her family was middle-class and she was raised alongside two siblings. Lorena’s mother is Elvia Gallo who comes from a mixed ethnicity. 

Then, this Ecuadorian citizen moved to Manassas, Virginia. She got married to a US Marine, John Wayne Bobbitt in 1989. And later, Lorena decided to cut her husband’s penis off on their 4th marriage year. 

Lorena Bobbitt Spouse and Personal Life

Lorena Bobbitt got married to John Bobbitt, an American bar bouncer and former Marine of the United States in 1989. 

In 1993, a tragedy happened to this married couple as Lorena cut off John’s penis with a knife followed by John’s sexual assault and domestic violence over time. 

They got separated in 1995 by finalizing their divorce after six years of marital life. 

After a few years of the divorce, she met David Bellinger while enrolling in a community college. 

And, they have been a couple together for over two decades although they never got married to date.

In the meantime, Olivia is their only daughter, 16 years old.

Why did Lorena Bobbitt cut her husband?

John Bobbitt continuously raped and assaulted Lorena throughout their marital lives. Lorena on June 23, 1993, decided to take revenge on her husband. 

And so she cut off his penis while he was sleeping. Took the organ and threw it out to a field.

Award And Achievement

Becoming a media sensation from being a simple immigrant wife doesn’t let her win any awards. But most importantly, she’s featured in such films, documentaries, and biographies based on her life events. 

The TV movie based on her “I was Lorena Bobbitt ” has got some prestigious awards. In 2022, this film received-

Before the release of this, another TV mini-series “Lorena” dropped back in 2019. 

Lorena Bobbitt Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others

As of now, you won’t find any official account or profile of Lorena Bobbitt on any social media platforms as she changed her name to “Lorena Gallo”. 

She has a verified Instagram account @lorenagallo15 with 4,270 followers. Apart from this, she has no other official social platforms but her foundation’s Facebook page and Lorena Gallo Foundation’s official website. 


Is Bobbitt still alive?

Yes, she is!

Did Lorena Bobbitt have any children?

Yes, one daughter named Olivia, who is 16 years old.

What did John Bobbitt do to Lorena?

John Bobbitt was accused of sexually assaulting Lorena. He was also charged with domestic violence. Lorena claimed he forced her to get an abortion too.

Does John Bobbitt have a child?

Yes, Andrew is his son born in 1992 with Beatrice Williams.

Did Lorena Bobbitt serve any jail time?

No, Lorena was exonerated for her crime confession though she had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation under Virginia Law.

Where is Lorena Bobbitt today?

Lorena lives in Manassas with her partner, David Bellinger.

Did Lorena and John Bobbitt get back together?

No, they don’t!

When did Lorena Bobbitt get cut?

She did it on June 23, 1993.

What does Lorena Bobbitt do now?

Lorena is an advocate defending sexually assaulted victims and fighting for their rights at her Lorena Gallo Foundation since 2007.

How long were Lorena and Bobbitt married?

They were married for six years.

Did Lorena Bobbitt die in a car accident?

No, she’s still alive. Whatever the news came in the media was a rumor.

Who is Lorena Bobbitt’s partner now?

David Bellinger is currently the partner of Lorena.

Did Lorena Bobbitt have kids?

Yes, she has one daughter named Olivia.

What is Lorena Bobbitt famous for?

Lorena went viral and became famous back in 1993 for John’s infamous penis cut-off event.

How was Lorena Bobbitt found not guilty?

Lorena was found not guilty of wounding his husband- John Bobbitt as she went through a lot of abusive, death-risk events.