Sarah Oliver Net Worth: How Rich Is The Reality Star? (+Bio)

As of 2024, her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. It is no surprise that Sarah’s net worth will surely grow in the following years. 

She earns from promoting services on her social media, modeling, acting, selling various products on her website, and more.

Full nameSarah Oliver
Net Worth$2 Million
Birth date4 March 1985
BirthplaceFort Stewart, GA
Occupation and source of incomeActress, Author, & Entrepreneur
About Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

It is approximated that Sarah Oliver has a net worth of two million dollars

She has had a varied and successful career, starting as a model and spreading out into several other activities in the entertainment world.

In her early career, Sarah worked as a model for numerous organizations, corporations, and fashion designers. 

She has appeared in publications such as Jihad’s MVP Reloaded, Jezebel Magazine, USA Bikini Calendar, and Maxim. Sarah also recommended items like Cuervo and Tag Body Spray.

Later, she delved into the film and appeared, in reality, in television programs such as Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars, BGC Redemption, and BG All-Star Battle

She became well-known after appearing in the reality show “BGC”.

In 2016, she received the opportunity to play the character Molly in the movie “The Return.” 

Additionally, Sarah sells numerous goods on her official website, like books, lights, stickers, belts, and others.

All these sources of income contribute to Sarah Oliver’s net worth.

So, if I quickly summarize her income stream, here you go-

  • Acting.
  • Selling merchandise through a personal website.

Sarah Oliver Early Life and Biography

Sarah was born in Fort Stewart, Georgia on March 4, 1985.

She has two sisters, Kelsea and Daylie, who both played important roles in her upbringing in Hinesville, Georgia. 

Sarah Oliver

Her father is Army officer Lindell Oliver; the name of her mother is Kimberly Greene Oliver.

Sarah was a hard worker in school, and after graduating from Fayette County High School, she attended Georgia State University and graduated from Perimeter College with a degree in Psychology in 2007.

Sarah has maintained strong relationships with her father, sisters, and cousins Tiger and Trevor Borom throughout her life. 

She has also dedicated most of her life to her Christian beliefs.

A lot about Sarah’s background is mysterious, but she clearly values her education and her family

She has always been an example to people around her since she has let her morals and ethics determine her actions.

Sarah Oliver’s Boyfriend And Personal Life

She has a large online following but will not discuss her private life or relationships.

Sarah Oliver photos

Sarah has dated tattoo artist Jimmy Coney before, and the two of them appeared on “Marriage Boot Camp” together. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two ended for reasons that are unclear.

After that, rumors circulated that she was seeing rapper Ray J; however, it is unknown whether or not they are still together or whether she has dated anybody else since.

So, is Sarah Oliver single now? Whether Sarah is now single or in a relationship is a mystery, as she has not discussed this aspect of her life in any public forums.

Sarah Oliver’s Instagram And Social Profiles

Sarah Oliver is a prominent social media personality with a significant presence on multiple platforms. 

She shares a mix of personal and sort of hot photos on her Instagram account @sarahsooliver.

On Youtube, she operates under the name Sarah SO Oliver and posts videos that inspire and challenge societal norms.

Although there is a Facebook account under the name “SarahOliverTV,” it has not been verified, so it’s unclear if it is actually her.

On Twitter, Sarah interacts with her followers under the handle @sarahSOoliver, asking questions and sharing her thoughts on current internet trends and what’s going on in her life.

Sarah Oliver uses social media to connect with her audience and spread positivity and inspiration.

Editor’s Note On Sarah Oliver

While discussing Sarah’s life achievements- I’ve found one important moral substance inside her. 

And, that is despite achieving significant success in her career, she remained family oriented and never ignored them. This is a little yet the significant moral and ethical thing I liked.

Conclusion On Sarah Oliver’s Net Worth

The main source of Sarah Oliver’s income is acting and selling merchandise. These two stream of income contributed to her $2 million net worth.


Did Sarah get kicked off BGC?

Yes, Sharah gets kicked off BGC due to the fight with Milyn Jensen in the 11th season episode “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.”

What is Sarah Oliver’s relationship status?

She has had relationships in the past, but according to the source, she is single at the moment.

What shows was Sarah Oliver on?

Sarah Oliver has appeared in several shows such as “Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars,” “Bad Girls Club Redemption,” and “Bad Girls All-Star Battle.” She gained popularity after appearing on the tv show “BGC”.