Sunny Suljic Net Worth 2024: Age, Income, Career, Girlfriend and Bio

Sunny Suljic, the young American boy who already had a successful career as a child artist has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

His role in the popular thriller movie “Killing of Sacred Deer” made him popular in Hollywood and gave him huge opportunities to shine at such an early age. 

Full name Sunny Suljic 
Net worth $1 million
Source of wealth Acting
Profession Actor
Gender Male
Age 17
Birth date August 10, 2005
Birthplace Roswell, U.S
Nationality American

Let’s know more about Sunny Suljic Net Worth and explore his lifestyle. 

Sunny Suljic Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

Sunny Suljic Net Worth bio

Sunny started his career as a child actor when he was only 8 years old and signed the film “Ruined” where he played the supporting role of Jody Dunlap in 2013. 

And after a break of 2 years, he came back in 2015 with 2 films named “The Unspoken” and “1915” which brought him to the spotlight.

How Did Sunny Suljic Get Famous?

Sunny Suljic Net Worth skateboard

In 2017 Sunny Suljic and Nicole Kidman did “Killing of the Sacred Deer” which brought huge success to him.

After the viral role of his film in 2017, the next year was an iconic year for him as he was signed for 3 films named “Mid90s, the Mid-90s, and The House with a Clock”.

His role in the coming-of-age film “Mid90s” directed by Jonah Hill in 2018 gained him wider recognition.

In 2020 he played the role of Dough Pierce in The Christmas Chronicles and in 2021 “North Hollywood”. 

Tv shows with Sunny Suljic are ” Criminal Minds” in 2014 as the young Joe character and “Shady Neighbours” in 2016. 

And you’ll be surprised to know that his voice is well known in the most hyped video games like “God of War” in 2018 and “God of War Ragnarok” in 2022 and both of these made him achieve best performer awards for Voice and Motion capture.

Do you know how old Sunny in the God of War was? And how much did Sunny Suljic make from the god of war? Sunny was only 13 at that time and made a huge amount of money.

He is even seen in a couple of music videos too. So, How much is Sunny worth? Sunny did all these amazing works as a child and now Sunny Suljic net worth is $1M at this young age. 

Sunny Suljic Key Facts

  • Besides acting Sunny is a professional skateboarder and this skill made him the key role in the film Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot”.
  • He was nominated 3 times for best performer awards for Sunny Suljic Atreus Video game character and others.
  • Sunny has a Music video of his own named “out west” which was released in 2020. 

Sunny Suljic’s Early Life and Biography

Sunny Suljic Net Worth actor

Sunny was born in a well-settled family in the United States in Roswell city of Georgia. But where are Sunny Suljic’s parents from? 

Is Sunny Suljic Russian? He was raised according to Christian belief by his Russian mother who is a housewife and his father was a Bosnian Famous Businessman. 

His early studies were at the local School of his city Roswell. But after he started his career as an actor at the age of 8. He always had a desire to become an artist since he was a little boy and Sunny SulSuljic’srents supported him at their best. 

Sunny Suljic’s height is 1.58 meters and he loves Sports and practicing skateboarding from a very young age he wishes to go further with his skateboarding experience.

Sunny Suljic Spouse and Personal Life

Sunny Suljic Net Worth skater

Sunny Suljic age- 18 years old and obviously he is not married. But he is currently dating actress Sissy Sheridan

Award And Achievement

Sunny Suljic movies were iconic and his video game performances made him nominated for best performer critics awards 3 times and highly praised.

Sunny Suljic’s Social Profiles

This young actor is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social accounts. But Sunny Suljic’s Instagram profile is the most popular among them.

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What nationality is Sunny Suljic?

Sunny Suljic is an American by birth. But his father is Bosnian and his mother is from Russia. 

How old is Sunny Suljic?

Sunny Suljic’s age is 18 years old. He was born on August 10 in 2005. 

Is Sunny Suljic in God of War Ragnarok?

Yes, Sunny was in God of War Ragnarok. This video game made him nominated for best performer in “The Game Awards”.

Where are Sunny Suljic’s parents from?

Sunny Suljic’s parents are from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Summary Of Sunny Suljic Net Worth

Starting a career at a very young age Sunny Suljic now became a pioneer for child artists who want to begin their career at an early age. 

And following his passion from childhood made Sunny Suljic a net worth of $1 Million at 17 which is the beginning of an outstanding ng journey in Hollywood.