Karlie Redd Net Worth (2024): How Rich Is The Rapper?

Karlie Redd is a popular American model, dancer, rapper, and the most famous reality show celebrity, whose net worth is $1.2 million. This multi-talented woman has gained success through industry and dedication to her various careers which makes her earn all this money. 

Besides Karlie Redd net worth, there are lots of interesting facts you’d like to know about her. 

Let’s check this out. 

Full nameKarlie Lewis
Net worth$1.2 Million 
Age49 years
Birth date15 April 1973
BirthplaceNew York City
OccupationModel, Rapper, Dancer, Reality show cast 
SpouseMaurice ‘Mo’ Fayne
AwardThe Mona Award
About Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd Career and Sources of Income

Carlie Redd is a celebrity cast member of the show “Love and hip-hop Atlanta” and people all over the world know her from this show.  But it’s not the only source of her fame and success. 

Karlie made her early debut as an actress in a film in 2001, called “Black Spring Break 2”.  And also seemed to appear in numerous movies like “We Are Family.” These were her income sources as a beginner. 

Besides Karlie’s acting profession, Karlie has a couple of rap albums and that makes her a handsome amount of money. 

For a passive income, she has modeled for several reputable brands like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. And this made her huge money.

But Karlie got massive popularity worldwide for being part of a VH1 reality show named “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. And Karli is considered the most popular cast member of the show. Karlie Redd makes $40,000 per episode and it becomes her most successive show of all time.

Karlie also has small businesses and invested in many fields that add more to her income these days.

Karlie Redd Key Facts

  1. Recently Karlie revealed that her ultimate dream is to establish a chain of restaurants in Atlanta.
  2. Karlie also tried directing and her first short film was “Something in Common” in 2005.
  3. Karlie tried film producing too and she was an executive producer of ‘Stolen Lilies’.
  4. Karlie is now said to be collaborating with Zane. They are supposed to write a literary work together.
  5. Before joining Love and Hip Hop Karlie was also cast in several shows like ” 30 Days in Atlanta’ (2014) and ‘We Are Family (2017)

Early Life and Bio

Karlie Redd was born on April 15 in New York City. Originally from Trinidad, her mother is of African descent, and her father is from the United States. Karlie spent her early life between Trinidad and New York City. 

But finally returned to New York permanently when she was 12. Karlie attended The Harlem School of the Arts there. And ended up at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

Her first debut as an actress was in the film “Black Spring Break 2”. And besides, Karlie is a rapper and made several albums. 

She is also a model and is involved with famous brands. And finally, she joined the Love and Hip Hop show that brought her massive popularity. 

Karlie Redd’s Husband And Personal Life

Karlie Redd's Husband And Personal Life
Karlie Redd’s Husband And Personal Life

Karlie Redd’s ex-husband is Maurice “Mo” Fayne who was sentenced to prison in 2020 and this made the headlines at that time.

In addition to appearing on Love and Hip Hop, she has a daughter named Jasmine Ellis.

Karlie Redd Show: Love Hip Hop Atlanta

Karlie has been a part of this show since it premiered in 2012. She became one of the most prominent cast members of this reality show and this brought her fame from all over the world.

Karlie Redd’s Other Professions

Karlie is well-known for being a member of famous reality shows but besides that Karlie is an actress, rapper, dancer, model, and businesswoman too.

And she tried film directing and producing to gather more experience.

Award And Achievement

Karlie achieved all her fame and success by working hard from the beginning of her career and is now a celebrity personality of today’s era.

The most amazing fact of her career was getting The Mona Award for being the most dramatic and people loved her for that.

Another Side of Karlie Redd: Philanthropy and Women Empowerment mission 

Karlie was known as the most “messy” one in the show but there are other sides to her personality. 

She has her kind involvement with a philanthropy program in Haiti where she is working for building schools and donating food to hundreds of families. 

She is also working for women’s empowerment to bring changes to rural society. 

Karlie Redd Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter

Karlie Redd is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, she is mostly active on her Instagram profile


How much does Karlie Redd make per episode?

Karlie Redd makes $40,000 per episode of the Love and Hip Hop show. And the charges are almost the same for other shows.

Is Karlie Redd married?  

Karlie was married to Maurice “Mo” Fayne. But they got divorced in June 2020.

Did Karlie Redd have a baby? 

Karlie has a daughter named Jasmine Eliss.  She is now a stand-up comedian, journalist, and entrepreneur as well.


The most dramatic character of Love and Hip-hop, Karlie Redd has so many dimensions of her personality and career. And this is what brings her all this popularity and success.