Shareef Malnik Net Worth (2024): How Rich Is The Actor?

Shareef Malnik, a successful businessperson, who has been escalating his wealth like skyscrapers, bags around $1 to $1.5 million as his net worth. He’s not only the owner of the nightclub cum restaurant- The Forge based in Miami, but also appeared in a few American films.

Full name Mark Shareef Malnik
Net worth $1 million to $1.5 million
Gender Male
Age 64 years old
Birth date 18th February 1958
Birthplace Miami, Florida, United States
Occupation Restaurateur and actor
Spouse Gabrielle Anwar
Award All-Star Award for Philanthropy
Nationality American

Shareef Malnik Net Worth: Career and Sources of Income

Shareef Malnik Net Worth bio

Basically, the acting career and restaurant corporations are the primary sources of Shareef’s net worth. Shareef Malnik comes from a prestigious Malnik family. They also belong to the very respectful philanthropists in the town. And, he owns The Forge, a very popular restaurant bar situated on Arthur Godfrey Road in Miami, United States. 

His restaurant business is quite profitable. Alongside, Shareef also made his big screen debut in 1993. Over time, a few more films got added to his name which made him earn a lot of money. He has an income source by producing films too. Meanwhile, both- Shareef and Anwar are currently functioning to build a subscription website.

Is Shareef Malnik a Businessman?

Entrepreneur-actor Shareef Malnik is considered one of the major restaurateurs in the United States. In the meantime, The Forge restaurant in Miami is also an award-winning steakhouse in recently. 

Shareef is also the Chairman of Nextwave Funding currently. This company provides funding to countless small and middle-sized companies. Apart from these, Shareef is involved in some real estate businesses. He also owns some outstanding extravagance cars. 

Shareef Malnik Early Life and Biography

Shareef Malnik Net Worth wife

Shareef was born in Miami, US. And, he has 3 siblings too. He went to the University of Miami. 

Shareef’s father- Alvin Malnik was a businessman cum attorney. After his father’s demise, he became the owner of a very popular restaurant and nightclub called The Forge.

As a renowned philanthropic member, Shareef Malnik has been running InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball as a chairman. 

For the past 11 years, he owns it and has helped many organizations through an approximate total of $14 million in fundraising.

Personal Life: Shareef Malnik And Gabrielle Anwar

Shareef Malnik Net Worth anwar

Gabrielle Anwar is his wife, and they have been tying the knot since September 2015. Shareef has no children with Anwar. However, he became a stepfather to Gabrielle’s children from her prior marriage.

Award And Achievement

Shareef Malnik Net Worth life

The Miami Marlins, an American professional baseball club, honored Shareef with their All-Star Award for his immense contribution to the field of Philanthropy in 2011. 

Four years after that event, he was awarded the “Credit Suisse Shining Light Award” presented by the Little Lighthouse Foundation. In the meantime, Shareef is a board member of the Police Athletic League, continuing his role for over 20 years.

What are the Shareef Malnik movies?

To date, Shareef has appeared in six movies including Staying Afloat (1993), Just Cause (1995), Shame II: The Secret (1995), Hello, She Lied (1996), The Blackout (1997), Cafe and Tobacco (2003). 

What is Shareef Malnik’s produced film?

Sexology (2016) is the first production of Shareef Malnik. This taboo film is directed by Shareef’s wife- Gabrielle Anwar. Meanwhile, Shareef was the executive producer of this film. 

Alongside Gabrielle Anwar herself, Catherine Oxenberg, and Devi Ward are the other cast members.

Shareef Malnik Social Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter

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Shareef isn’t an active person on Instagram. You’ll see the @shareefmalnik handle having 10.4k followers on his name which isn’t a verified one. So, strong doubt can be brought about whether it’s really him or a fan account. 

Also, he has no verified Facebook page or Twitter account. However, his LinkedIn profile looks authentic with the name Shareef Mark Malnik JD, MBA, and 3K followers.


How old is Shareef Malnik?

Shareef Malnik is 64 years old.

Who is Shareef Malnik’s son?

Shareef has no son or any children either.

Who is Shareef Malnik’s wife?

Gabrielle Anwar, a very famous actress, is his wife.

Who is Gabrielle Anwar married to?

Shareef Malnik.

What are Shareef Malnik’s primary sources of income?

Apart from acting, restaurant business, real estate businesses are his primary sources of income.