Thomas Sowell Net Worth (2024): Veteran Author Scaled Up Wealth!

Sowell, a renowned author, economist, historian, social theorist, and political commentator, has been considered one of the most influential black conservatives. Having a net worth of $15 to $18 million also reflects how influential and successful in terms of earnings throughout his active years. 

Full name Thomas Sowell
Net worth $15 to $18 million
Gender Male
Age 92 years old
Birth date June 30, 1930
Birthplace Gastonia, North Carolina
Occupation Author, economist, and political commentator
Spouse Mary Ash
Award Mencken Award for Best Book and many more
Nationality American 
About Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell Career and Sources of Income



Thomas has earned a lot of wealth by teaching. He was an assistant professor of economics at Cornell University from 1965-1969. Thomas taught economics at a lot of world-class universities and institutes. He was a senior fellow at Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

Also, this author has released several books from which he generated earnings. He’s a regular person attending different TV talk shows regarding economic and political ideology where he earns a decent figure.

Key Facts

  • Thomas Sowell currently resides in North Carolina, US.
  • Thomas taught at Rutgers University, Brandeis University, Amherst College, Cornell University, and others.
  • He served with the US Marine Corps while the Korean War began in 1951.

Early Life and Bio

Thomas Sowell was born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina, United States. Sowell’s mother was a domestic maid. After his mother passed away, he shifted to New York City and attended Stuyvesant High School.

But ongoing financial struggles made him drop out of school. To sustain himself, he worked till late at night at different low-earning jobs such as working in a machine store, and as a deliveryman.

What is the best Thomas Sowell book to start with?

Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One is an ideal book to start with. You can give A Conflict of Visions: Ideological Origins of Political Struggles a read too.

Also, The Vision of the Anointed is a great book by Thomas.

Personal Life

Mary Ash

Currently, Mary Ash has been Thomas Sowell’s wife since 1980.

Before Mary, he was married to Alma Jean Parr back in 1964. Later, they got separated in 1975. Meanwhile, Thomas has one son and one daughter named John and Lorraine.

Award And Achievement

Back in 1982, this veteran author won his first major award from the Mencken Award for Best Book. Alongside, he has achieved countless notable honors such as Francis Boyer Award, Sydney Hook Award, National Humanities Medal, Bradley Prize, Lysander Spooner Award, and a lot more!

Thomas has written more than 45 books to date. He also has been an actively-working syndicated columnist in countless newspapers. American people truly consider Thomas as one of the significant social theorists of the modern world.

Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter

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This veteran author is quite active on YouTube. He has a channel on @ThomasSowellTV with 272K subscribers where he regularly discusses contemporary issues, and political angles, and arranges podcasts too. Thomas SowellTV – BITS is another YouTube channel of Thomas with 6.35K subscribers. 

You can find his official website too. Also, Thomas appears on Twitter at this verified handle @ThomasSowell with his famous quotes. Apart from these, he has no verified or official Facebook or Instagram account.

3 Popular Thomas Sowell Quote

  1. “People say ‘you’re a very tough person.’ I’m not tough. Life is tough. I’m merely trying to acquaint you with those facts.”- Thomas Sowell
  2. “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” -Thomas Sowell
  3. “It is amazing how much panic one honest man can spread among a multitude of hypocrites.”-Thomas Sowell


By whom was Thomas Sowell influenced?

Friedrich August von Hayek, Karl Marx, and Adam Smith are the significant persons who influenced Thomas in many ways.

Who is Thomas Sowell’s first wife?

Alma Jean Parr is his first wife, married in 1964.

Was Thomas Sowell an orphan?

After a few years of Thomas’s birth, he became an orphan. His aunt adopted and took care of him.

When did Sowell graduate from Harvard?

Sowell graduated from Harvard University in 1958 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics.

Is Thomas Sowell a Nobel Prize winner?

No, he hasn’t won it yet!


Sowell’s true worth lies in his intellectual contributions, which have sparked debates and provided new perspectives on pressing issues. His life and work serve as a compelling example of how dedication, education, and intellectual rigor can lead to impactful contributions to society.