Jay Wheeler Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Latin Pop?

Jay Wheeler, a very popular singer, and songwriter is from Puerto Rico. His genre is mostly Latin trap and reggaeton from which he got popular. Jay Wheeler’s real name is José Ángel López Martínez.

Jay Wheeler has an estimated net worth of $1.9M to $3.1 million. His singing career mostly contributes to his worth. More specifically selling Albums, singles, music videos, concert performances, youtube, and Spotify channels.

From a shy singer to becoming popular in Puerto Rico and other countries as well, Jay has a tremendous amount of wealth to date.

Full name José Ángel López Martínez​
Net worth $1.9M to $3.1 million
Gender Male
Age 28 years old
Birth date 25th April 1994
Birthplace Salinas, Puerto Rico
Occupation Singer and songwriter
Spouse Zhamira Zambrano
Award Premio Juventud for The New Generation- Male- 2021
Nationality Puerto Rican

Career And Source Of Income

Jay Wheeler Net Worth career

The professional career of Jay Wheeler was started in 2016. From then, he had no reason to look back! Over time, Jay evolved and came up with amazing songs. 

Jay earns most of his wealth through selling albums and attending concerts. He’s related to some renowned brands and companies where he annually bags a large amount of money. 

Also, Jay Wheeler has a verified YouTube channel with 4.88 million subscribers from where he generates around $140K through Ad revenue per month. His Spotify account might have gathered money like this too.

Early Life and Biography

Jay Wheeler Net Worth life

José Ángel López Martínez aka Jay Wheeler was born in 1994. His family was a middle-class family in Puerto Rico. 

Jay initially fell in love with music while singing in a local church. Gradually, he also learned to play piano there. 

In the meantime, he got bullied at school and lost the courage to sing again in public. 

When Jay was 16, he came up with the first song, “Ahora Estoy Mejor” inspired by his separation from his girlfriend back then. 

Although Jay was skeptical about his first song, he shared it with friends and got encouraged to upload it online. 

Overnight, the song hits more than 500,000 views, and over time, now it’s Jay Wheeler- the Puerto Rican star

So, what are the sources of Jay Wheeler’s income comes from? I’ve listed them below.

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How Did Jay Wheeler Get Famous?

Jay Wheeler Net Worth money

Jay Wheeler was first got introduced in the mainstream music industry when his song got viral overnight back in 2016. After that event took place, Jay got motivated and took his musical career professionally from then. In 2018, Jay got offered to produce music for Dynamic Records. He worked there for his first album called Platónico. 

This album was released in 2019 and was produced by the famous DJ and reggaeton producer- Nelson executively. Also, Jay’s major singles such as “Te Soñé” and “Mensaje de Voz”, played a larger role in evolving him as a top-rated musician very quickly.

Jay Wheeler’s Wife And Personal Life

Jay Wheeler Net Worth music

Jay Wheeler has been dating Zhamira Zambrano since early 2022. And in the last month of 2022, the Puerto Rico star got married to the young Venezuelan newcomer, Zhamira. They are now living in Orlando, Florida.  

Jay Wheeler Ex: Who has Jay Wheeler dated?

Krista Ramirez aka Krista Wheeler was Jay’s wife. He also dated Anna Sanchez. Later, he started dating Zhamira Zambrano, a newcomer singer from Venezuela. 

And, they tied the knot back in December 2022 finally. Currently, they are sharing a happy married life.

Rising Above the Bullies: A Struggle Story of Chart-Topping Success

Jay’s parents separated when he was young, and as a result, he had to deal with the challenges of growing up in a single-parent household. But his parents were good to him, and his dad’s words, “always be a leader, never be a follower” stuck with him throughout his life.

Despite facing bullying in school, Jay didn’t let it bring him down. He was determined to be himself and not give in to peer pressure. He discovered his love for music at a young age and even performed for the first time in church.

It wasn’t until he did a freestyle in a car with his phone and it went viral that he realized he could pursue music professionally. He worked hard to educate himself and become the best artist he could be.

His hard work paid off when he got his big break with his song “Otro Trago” featuring Farruko. This song changed his life and opened many doors for him, including buying his first home and even getting nominated for a Grammy.

Jay’s story is a testament to the fact that with hard work, determination, and self-belief, anything is possible. Don’t let bullies or anyone else bring you down. Follow your dreams, be yourself, and never give up on what you believe in.


Where does Jay Wheeler live now?

José Ángel López Martínez aka Jay Wheeler is currently living in Orlando, Florida. However, he was born and grew up in Salinas, Puerto Rico.

What’s Jay Wheeler’s Age height and weight?

Jay Wheeler was born on 25th April 1994. So, he’s now 28 years old. Jay is quite tall at 187 centimeters or 6 feet 1 inch. His weight is 78 kilograms or 171 lbs.

How did Jay Wheeler get the name “La Voz Favorita”?

Jay Wheeler earned the nickname “La Voz Favorita” (The Favourite Voice) due to his growing popularity and the unique quality of his voice. His fans played a role in choosing “Wheeler” as part of his stage name to go with “Jay”.

What was the significance of the video of Jay Wheeler crying on stage in 2018?

 A video of Jay Wheeler brought to tears on stage upon seeing fans sing along to his music went viral in 2018. This video caught the attention of DJ Nelson, who later reached out to Jay Wheeler and offered to be his mentor.

How did Jay Wheeler’s collaboration with Myke Towers impact his career?

Jay Wheeler collaborated with Myke Towers on the hit single “La Curiosidad.” This song achieved significant success, peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, further elevating Jay Wheeler’s prominence in the music industry.

Wrapping It Up: What’s Jay Wheeler’s Net Worth?

Jay Wheeler Net Worth songs

As of 2024, Jay Wheeler’s net worth is around $1.9M to $3.1 million. From 2019, his income was quite decent. But the growth of his net worth has been escalating rapidly since 2019.